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Luthje Studio

I am passionate about photography, musician (drummer), father and husband. I come from an island full of beautiful, culturally rich people and paradisiacal beaches. My passion for photography begins at the university, when I started my degree in advertising. Years later in 1997 I started working as a graphic designer in the in-house of a super store, then I went to work for an advertising agency as art director and later promoted to associate creative director for 6 years, in which I won multiple awards in festivals of national and international advertising. In 2004 I became independent, when I started to combine my art and creativity with photography for advertising. That's when I start to specialize in product photography, food and portraits. I decided to do what I'm passionate about and that's why I no longer work, rather I enjoy and win. I have my photography studio in the Dominican Republic where I currently work very closely with the vast majority of advertising agencies.

Av. Abraham Lincoln, Esq. Av. 27de Febrero, Unicentro Plaza, Local 29-A, 2do Nivel, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.

Tels.: 809-820-9422 mobil  | 809-793-6550 studio Email:

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